Divorce Mitigation Through Mediation

Divorce Mitigation Through Mediation

When we think of divorce, our brains immediately conjure up a number of nasty stories and images imprinted upon us by the media and the people around us – a couple in a small, dingy room, screaming at each other as divorce lawyers look on impassively, checking their watches and counting the dollars coming in as they work by the hour. These images are not unfounded, as many unscrupulous family lawyers do their best to drag out legal proceedings to ensure the greatest level of profits possible.

There is an alternative, however, that can make the process of separation easy on both yourself and your ex-partner and ensure you’re never caught in a feedback loop of hurt feelings and predatory lawyers: mediation. Mediation provides an outlet for separating couples to not only retain some dignity, but also some level of closure without the need for acrimony as a relationship comes to an end.

Mediation provides couples with a neutral third party that can help distribute assets and property without the financial incentive of making sure that each parceled out item isn’t subject to yet another fight. It’s a powerful tool that it often overlooked by couples who may not want their relationship to end in all-out war.

For our Orange County readers, there’s only one mediation firm that we can truly, and without reservation, recommend: McNamee Divorce Mediation. The Irvine-based firm has been helping couples in the process of separating since 2001, and testimonials prove that they have provided their clients with some truly incredible results.

Cindy C., their most recent reviewer, has this to say about their services:

My separation was a very difficult process. I was extremely hurt and upset but agreed to do mediation as Colleen came highly recommended by a couple people. The first few sessions, we did not make it easy on Colleen, but she had a way of making us both feel at ease and listened to. I had my doubts as to whether mediation would work for us…but by the 3rd appointment I was so grateful we stuck with it.
Colleen is extremely knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with the way everything was handled.
If we had stuck it out with our attorneys we would most likely still be arguing over silly things and spending waaaay more money. We got all of our appointments done within 3 months and now just waiting on the judge to sign off. While we all hope people don’t need to use these types of services, I cannot recommend using a mediator enough and not just any mediator…do your research and find a good one. McNamee Mediations is one of the best, if not THE best, in OC and you won’t be disappointed- Colleen is amazing!

For our readers that are in need of a family law attorney who specializes in mediation, rather than the typical predatory divorce lawyer who purposefully draws out a painful separation in search of financial recompense, we heartily recommend you look into McNamee. The firm has delivered some truly amazing results for their clients, and we know what scenarios we want desperately to avoid in the case of our relationship disintegrating.

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