Natural Cleaning & Pest Control Solutions

Natural Cleaning & Pest Control Solutions

Keeping your home clean is an essential chore. A cleaning routine will ensure that your space is one that boosts your productivity and mood. There is nothing like waking up and coming home to a home that is tidy.

Cleaning products are extremely helpful in getting the job done, but you should know that many household cleaning products contain compounds that are harmful to human health. 

Several studies have found links between exposure to these chemicals and reduced fertility and hormonal health. The solution is to opt for natural, non-toxic options as much as possible when it comes to cleaning and personal care.

“Don’t use any products on your skin or in your home that have scent or color—products like cleaning supplies, detergents, dryer sheets, soaps, deodorants, face and body creams, or car deodorizers. Those products have phthalates and phenols in them. Phthalates have been shown to harm reproductive health and affect a baby’s brain, immune system, reproductive health, and development during pregnancy, and phenols have been linked with decreases in brain and heart health and immune function, adverse birth outcomes, and pregnancy loss.”

Carmen Messerlian, Assistant Professor of Environmental Reproductive, Perinatal, and Pediatric Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Harvard Chan School of Public Health

Likewise, try to opt for natural pest control products and services. 

Moths can cause serious headaches, eating holes in your clothes and contaminating your food. Cedar and lavender contain natural oils that repel moths. You can find them at the department or grocery stores and make your own pouches by tying a mesh or thin cloth with cedar and lavender inside. 

Termites are another species that eat in your home. Specifically, they eat wood and wood-based materials, which can cause significant damage to structures and belongings. Call a professional exterminator immediately for an inspection and ask about the orange oil treatment. Orange oil is a plant-based solution that can remove some infestations by dissolving the exoskeletons of termites.

BoraCare is another non-toxic solution that your exterminator may recommend and use to treat and prevent termites, ants, mold, and other species. BoraCare is a solution of borate salt, which is applied directly to wood to prevent it from becoming a food source for termites. 

Remember that natural cleaning and pest control products and services may not work for every case, however, it is best to seek a professional here who understands the efficacy and benefits of organic compounds. Also, keep in mind that natural products may be allergens or irritants to some, which is why you or the service professional you hire must take necessary safety precautions to mitigate risks and uncertainties. Furthermore, for treatments like orange oil, the power is in the technique of application. Do not douse your home in orange oil and hope for the best—call a natural extermination professional to apply treatment properly.

Natural Science Exterminating considers tent fumigation as the last resort, specializing in inspection, prevention, and non-toxic, green treatments as the first course of action. If you have any questions about natural pest control, you can give them a call today.

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