Termites In The Attic

Termites In The Attic

To tell a quick horror story to my fellow homeowners, I recently found myself a victim of the plague we all dread might visit us one day: termites. It started with seeing little winged insects inside the house sporadically, crawling around clumsily without much regard to their personal safety.

Soon enough I began noticing little holes in my wall, accompanied by little piles of sawdust. This was strange, but at the time I really didn’t think anything of it. Then came the irrefutable evidence: a small section of my roof’s drywall collapsed, spilling hundreds of disgusting little crawling termites into my kitchen during lunch.

The expletives I launched during my examination and cleanup operations are best left off the blog, but needless to say I was absolutely terror-struck as I thought back to the previous signs of infestation. I had let it go for over a year, now, and there was no way I could avoid a tenting. This wasn’t going to be a fun couple of months.

First, I needed to find a good exterminator. I didn’t have a particularly positive image of those guys, as all I could think of was some greasy overweight dudes in beige uniforms lazily destroying my house in search of a nest. I needed someone I could trust, and fast – I didn’t want more sections of my roof collapsing on me while I slept.

Since I live in the Pasadena area, my search lead me to a local company that has some unbelievable reviews: Grand Oaks Termite Control. The company had worked before in my area, and I checked with that neighbor and heard nothing but good things.

Check out some of the testimonials on their Yelp page if you need some first hand proof of their expertise:

George C. from Pasadena says:

Justin was super professional, informative, and patient during our fumigation process.  I had to delay the job a couple of times due to our remodel being pushed back and Justin was very understanding each time.  There were also some setbacks which we were supposed to take care of, but Justin took care of it for us and everything went smoothly!

Highly recommend Justin and his team and would definitely use them again in the future.  Price was very reasonable and the service is top notch.  All emails, calls, and texts were responded to quickly and effectively.  Thanks Justin!!

Linda W. from Alahambra expands on this:

We needed our house inspected and treated. Justin and Gary did an amazing job. They are professional, prompt, thorough, and experienced. We received our report and estimate in a timely manner. They came out and did their work diligently and expertly.  We were informed of each step, and they finished the job as they had expected. We are so pleased with our experience with them; they do great work and are good-quality people. Thank you Justin and Gary!

Finally, Max K., who used the company to fumigate his house before moving to Austin, mentions their professionalism here:

My experience with Grand Oak Termite Control was top of the hill. Justin is knowledgeable, courteous and very detailed.  Their pricing is very competitive and their service was quick and easy.  The crew that came in did some minor damage on a gutter.  These things happen with the amount of covers used to enclose the house. Justin made sure that the fumigating company was diligent about replacing the damaged section.  Additionally, Justin and his team did a follow up inspection and report.  If you are looking for termite control services, look no further than Grand Oaks.

I have my inspection scheduled for next week, and I’m thankful that the powerful feelings of anxiety and fear as I walk through my house have been assuaged. We may need to tent, but I can at least be sure that I have professionals working on my behalf to take care of the problem.

Grand Oaks Termite Control

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