The Benefits of Canine Companionship For Entrepreneurs And Work-From-Home Employees

The Benefits of Canine Companionship For Entrepreneurs And Work-From-Home Employees

The pandemic has created the most drastic revolution to the average American lifestyle since the industrial revolution. For decades, the typical American worker would wake up each morning to coffee and breakfast before commuting to their offices, where they would work from 9 am to 5 pm, and then commute back home to have dinner with their family and loved ones.

After nearly two years of lockdowns and social distancing, many businesses and establishments have completely shifted their operations from office-based to remote.

Pandemic Lifestyle Changes

The change has had many people asking: Did we ever need the 8-hour workday to begin with? Do employees really need to work in an office in physical proximity to their managers in order to be honestly productive? Many professionals, especially millennials, report that remote work has allowed them to use the time that they would have normally spent on commuting and workplace formalities on hobbies, chores, and side hustles. For a certain working class, the pandemic has given people more time, flexibility, productivity, and income.

However, for others, the pandemic has meant a different type of epidemic: job loss and loneliness. Not every job can be done remotely, and for many workers, this has meant irreparable income loss.

Moreover, many live alone; they experience most, if not all, of their social interaction at work. Not being able to go into an office each day means not having access to their only form of physical social interaction.

Pandemic Puppies

The Scientific American reports that the demand for puppies and dog adoptions surged to record levels during the pandemic, with some breeders accumulating long waitlists of eagerly hopeful dog owners.

But why has the pandemic led so many people to want to become dog owners? For some, it may be the need for companionship. For others, owning a dog was never feasible because they were spending most of their day working long hours at the office, which would make it impossible for them to take on the responsibilities of feeding and walking a dog regularly and on time.

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The work-from-home trend has benefited dogs and their owners alike. With remote work providing more flexibility and autonomy than working in the office, dogs can be taken for walks more frequently and during times of the day that were previously inaccessible. Dogs can now enjoy the company of their owners throughout the day, even during business hours. Walking is proven to have significant mental and physical benefits, including stress relief and exercise.

Dog Healthcare

In addition to love, nutrition, and exercise, dogs need their owners to take them to regular veterinary checkups to detect and prevent illnesses. Like humans, dogs are susceptible to heart disease. Primary care veterinarians are the first line of defense against disease, but many are preceded by asymptomatic development. Some conditions can only be diagnosed with an echocardiogram, x-ray, ultrasound, or other diagnostic tests. It takes the specialized expertise of a Cardiac Veterinarian Consultant to detect the onset of heart disease in order to provide the best prevention or treatment plan.

If you have noticed any coughing or changes in your dog’s appetite, energy, mood, or behavior, ask your primary care veterinarian for a referral to Cardiac Vet.

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