The Major Advantages Of Standing Desks

The Major Advantages Of Standing Desks

My first real ‘adult’ job involved sitting chained to a help desk for 10 hours a day, with opportunities to get up and walk around limited to a lunch break and bathroom breaks. From seven in the morning until six in the evening, I would sit, answer phone calls, and type up case files and reports.

Needless to say, after a few months of this treatment, my body went into revolt. I couldn’t sleep, my feet began experiencing waves of tingling pain, and I gained a large amount of weight very quickly. I left the job soon afterwards, and it came as a relief to both me and my employer.

I was lucky enough to find another job soon after, working remotely with a boss who couldn’t care less how I arranged my day as long as the work was done by the end of it. During one mid day meeting, I was greeted with the sight of her bobbing up and down on the screen as if she were walking.

As it turned out, she was! She had gotten a height-adjustable desk that had allowed her to install a small treadmill that she could use to walk while in meetings and during non-essential tasks.

While I had heard of standing desks, the concept had always seemed uncomfortable to me. With my boss using it in a way I hadn’t thought of before, it got my noggin jogging – there were a number of advantages the adjustable height desks could present over normal desks.

Walking & Talking

As my boss had demonstrated, an adjustable height work desk could be combined with a small walking treadmill to ensure the user is able to get their steps in during the day. This is probably the ultimate advantage of the walking desk – the ability to move while you work is a massive potential health booster for employees and employers alike.

Alternative Seating Arrangement

Another potential health boon is the ability to adjust to the different types of seating a person can use during the workday. A genius little contraption my sister-in-law bought was a medicine ball inserted into a housing unit that provided some structure to keep the ball more stable. It didn’t fit under her normal desk, however, so it saw limited use – a problem that could easily be solved with an adjustable desk.

Needless to say, I snatched it up once she decided to give it away!

Preset Perfection

One of the features I personally like best about adjustable desks is the ability to create height presets. I now utilize several different seating and standing arrangements – the medicine ball, my normal desk chair, and full standing height while utilizing my new walking treadmill – which makes it annoying to have to constantly re-adjust. Presets let me press a button to prepare my new seat or prepare the treadmill.

All this to say that you and your employees would benefit greatly from the adoption of adjustable standing desks. If you’re in an office environment, you could be saving more sensitive employees like myself from developing health issues in the future.

That just leaves the question – where should you buy them? For readers in Los Angeles and Orange County, the only answer I can recommend is Creative Office Design, an L.A. local company that’s been furnishing offices around the southland for over a decade.

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