How Remote Guarding Services Can Save Your Cannabis Business Millions

How Remote Guarding Services Can Save Your Cannabis Business Millions

It’s safe to say that the cannabis industry is booming here in southern California. It seems like every day, a new cannabis dispensary is popping up, often with lines leading out the door.

Unfortunately, this booming business has a dark side: organized and opportunistic crime is a thriving parasite leeching off the industry’s success. Sordid stories of criminal victimization appear in the news almost as frequently as new dispensaries open their doors, with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of money and products being stolen.

This green crime wave is being driven by cannabis’s continued murky legality, with the federal government purposefully dragging its feet on reclassifying the product’s schedule as a controlled substance. Its legally grey status makes banks hesitant to work with legal sellers and producers, and the high tax burden makes illegal sellers push black market goods to help cannabis maintain a high street value.

This lethal combination makes dispensaries and growing operations juicy targets for the criminal element, as each cannabis establishment should have plenty of cash and easily sellable products on hand. The state is mostly unwilling to help these businesses, with cops looking the other way and the bureaucracy doing its best to push security costs onto the free market as much as possible.

This means that private cannabis sellers and growers are mostly on their own when it comes to security. While cameras and locks are easy enough, the human element of security guards is a more tricky problem that many are finding to be a significant stumbling block.

Professional guards who are well-trained and unlikely to become a liability for your business represent a very significant cost. Many companies turn to cheaper options, the effectiveness of which is questionable at best.

Thankfully, the free market is working to fill the gap with technological solutions that should limit the need for manned guarding. Remote guarding, which uses drone technology to patrol and observe the premises, represents the logical next step in cannabis cultivation security that presents some novel improvements over the typical manned solution.

Drones provide an advantage in 3D space by being able to significantly improve view distances via flight and the use of advanced optics like night and thermal imaging that are unavailable to the typical guard. They also represent a significant decrease in liability, as drones will not hassle people passing by or get injured in the event of discovering dangerous criminals in the act.

Only a few select security contractors, like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions (CCSS), are currently offering this futuristic service. As time passes and the technology proves its worth, however, remote guarding services are likely to become a regular sight in nearly every industry, not just legal cannabis.

If you are the owner of a legal cannabis dispensary or growing operation and are looking for an alternative to high-priced guard vendors, CCSS’s remote guarding options are looking like the way of the future. Call today about whether or not drone security will work for your establishment:

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