Turf Wars

Turf Wars

We’ve reached over 4 million acres of land burned by out of control California wild fires so far in 2020, and fire season isn’t even close to being over. It’s become abundantly clear that the state is getting drier and warmer, and if something isn’t done, we’ll be choking on smoke for the better part of half a year every year from now on.

We all need to pitch in to contribute to conservation efforts, and that includes limiting our water usage as much as possible. Water conservation means less green natural turfs for our front and back yards and more synthetic and artificial turf or other, less water-intensive options on our properties.

While many people have a long list of complaints about fake grass, the truth is the technology that produces the fake stuff has improved so rapidly that most arguments against it have been left in the proverbial dust. Artificial turf producers have managed to not only successfully make their product look like a typical lawn, they can customize the color, texture, and volume to accurately replicate multiple species of commonly used grasses, meaning you can successfully tailor your yard to use the grass you find most appealing without the environmental constraints of the real thing.

Here in southern California, water conservation is more important than probably anywhere else. We live in an arid climate, so rain is rare, so what water we do have is precious. That means it’s our responsibility to find alternative yard decoration – and we have the perfect company for you to contact to find a reasonably priced and high-quality artificial turf product and installation.

NoMow Turf, a local Orange County company, has been doing great work providing natural turf alternatives for going on 15 years. The company is known for their painstaking work they put into every installation and the great prices they offer for their products and installs:

Sierra and the team at No Mow Turf were absolutely fantastic. They were so quick to come out and get a proposal. They understood from our initial phone call what we wanted and put the proposal together without even meeting us (due to our work schedules). They patiently waited while we price shopped and then got us on the schedule quickly when we were ready to proceed.

Our project took a lot of work–it included pulling up landscaping, demoing concrete stepping pads, leveling out a 700 square foot area that was in terrible shape, and prepping it for the turf. The crew moved quickly and methodically, but didn’t cut any corners. Although they hoped to finish in one day, they knew they wouldn’t get it done perfectly so they took two days. We were blown away by the quality of the job, including turf installed with precision even behind our two AC units. When the job was done, they cleaned up impeccably and you’d never know there had been a 5 foot high pile of road base in our front yard the day before.

I can’t recommend No Mow Turf highly enough. Everything about this project was top quality, and the price was unbeatable.

Karen de Zwart, Google review
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Please folks, to get these fires under control, we all have to contribute, and we all need to start making sacrifices. For some of us that means fewer showers, and for others it means getting rid of the precious lawn they have put so much work into. For the latter group, give NoMow Turf a call; they will make sure your new lawn looks as immaculate as the one you’ve tended to yourself.

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