Space To Be Alone

Space To Be Alone

It’s no secret that introverts love to be alone. 

Research suggests that almost half of all of us are introverted, including those whose introversion is blended with some degree of extroversion. Those of us with introverted personalities are prone to feeling worn out or “drained” by social interaction, which is why alone time is much needed in order to subsequently recharge.

It will be hard to find a true introvert partying every week or living in the downtown heart of a busy city. It’s more likely to find an introvert in a more relaxed part of town, where everything seems quieter, slower, and calmer.

When it comes to settling down, introverts need a home where they can truly unwind and feel an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

But also, introverts need a space that is warm and inviting, as they need social connection just as much as any other human but prefer one-on-one interactions as opposed to large gatherings.

The ideal neighborhood for an introvert is one with minimal noise and traffic, surrounded by nature. Indoors, a traditional floor plan, as opposed to an open concept design, will allow introverts to enjoy solitude while living with other people. 

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Introverts value privacy, both indoors and outdoors. Tall fences or hedges enclosing a large backyard provide introverts with the ideal outdoor kitchen, office, or living room to be alone or spend time with a small circle of friends.

In a city full of nature-loving introverts, Mission Hills Landscape Design Company projects have transformed backyards from traditional bourgeoise to fabulously secluded. Stone walls add grandeur, depth, and mystery, which can be enhanced through lighting accents. However, the space should still feel more inviting, rather than intimidating. 

For the optimal mixture of textures and colors, San Diego Landscaping Contractor Torrey Pines landscaping advises a balance of softscape and hardscape, with hardscape being no more than 40% of the total space. Create structure and shade through patio covers, water features, fire features, and custom entryways. The patio should provide sunlight as well as shade so that sitting outside for long durations of time does not feel uncomfortable on hot summer days.

Ultimately, introverts love having their own space to be alone, but they also want their space to be multifunctional. It’s not that they prefer to be alone all the time—it’s just that they prefer to heavily curate their social interactions. From the ambiance to the activities, introverts like to be in control of their environment, and carefully selective of the company they keep.

The evening is usually the favorite part of an introvert’s day. In fact, some introverts love the evening time so much that they are nocturnal. For those high in introversion, nighttime provides solace and relief. It’s also the perfect time to sit outside to enjoy the warmth of the outdoor fire pit while gazing at the stars. 

If you are looking to design and build the perfect space for your personality type, you can give Torrey Pines Landscaping a call today.

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