The Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Busy Homeowners

The Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Busy Homeowners

When it comes to your lawn, imagine having two choices: uncertainty and high-maintenance, versus year-round beauty and cost-effectiveness. The former is real grass, and the latter is artificial grass. Owing to its functionality and versatility, it has become the new favorite of homeowners all across the country. Artificial grass looks great and costs less over the long-run. Unlike natural grass, synthetic lawns facilitate excellent drainage without getting clogged or muddy, looking fresh and vibrant.

Here are additional reasons as to why artificial grass is worth the hype and should be installed in everyone’s home!

Artificial grass is customizable

High-quality grass tiles will always be specially tailored in order to fit perfectly within the unique configurations of the area it will be installed into. Furthermore, artificial grass is not as hard and abrasive as uncovered gravel, wood chips, and sand, when laid bare in the courtyard or front yard of the house. Therefore, even if a child trips and falls while playing, their parents can be assured that they will not end up with severely injured knees and elbows. For families that own pets, you can be spared from the horror of constantly worrying about them, as they can freely play around on the soft grass, and then return inside your home with tidy paws.

Artificial grass requires reduced maintenance

Imagine being able to kick back and relax every weekend, instead of hassling with the chore of lawn care. NoMow Turf can install synthetic grass for you so that you can bid the hassle of watering and maintaining your lawn goodbye. Washing the grass with some water and regular disinfectant is all that is required to maintain the turf.

Artificial grass is durable and cost-effective 

The nylon fibers of artificial grass have been designed in such a way that they will provide the grass-blades with a spring that keeps the bristles bouncing back to their upright position, even with continual stamping and pounding. These grasses are made to be resistant, allowing them to last longer than other surfaces. Investing in high-grade synthetic grass will allow homeowners to save money in the long-run.

Artificial turf products will reduce the need for the number of resources that are normally required for the sake of growing and maintaining real grass. There is no need to devote gallons of water to it. Therein, installing artificial turf as a replacement for natural grass is a great option to consider. 

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Artificial grass rules out harmful pesticides and fertilizers

As responsible citizens, it is everybody’s duty to save the environment from any further deterioration. Synthetic grass automatically rules out the need to use harmful chemical fertilizers and weed killers in order to keep the lawn from losing its uniformity. Moreover, something that does not naturally occur in our environment cannot be relied upon as healthy for human beings. The toxins present in certain chemical substances used to polish, treat, fertilize, and preserve real grass may be harmful to children, seniors, and pets. 

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