Fair Representation

Fair Representation

Marriage is a messy, complicated thing that has a myriad number of strange paths to its beginning and even more numerous and destructive paths to its ending. While each ending is a tragedy, there is no reason that destructive end needs to extend to your financial life afterwards.

The key to mitigating the negative impact of that divorce on your life? Good representation by a family law firm that has years of experience under its belt and a stellar reputation. For our readers looking for a solid family law firm in Santa Ana or the general Orange County area, there’s no question about who we would recommend: Shuff Law Firm.

The father/daughter team that started the firm way back in the ancient days of 1974 has over 40 years of combined experience in the field, giving an innumerable client base conscientious and effective representation in the court of law. The testimonials provided online point to a team that is highly dynamic and capable of dealing with complex, unique law cases that other firms would reject out of hand.

A quick look at their Yelp and Google reviews gives you all the information you need to know regarding the Santa Ana-based divorce attorneys’ abilities, including this one from Shelley Jones:

“Posted on behalf of Leonard Peikoff, client: The Shuff Law Firm of Santa Ana was recommended to me by a legal expert I happen to know in New York City. I went to the Shuffs with a complex problem involving adversaries and money, and they guided and looked out for me at every step, once even pointing out vigorously that I was offering my opponent too much money; the final contract covered many issues to protect me from damaging possibilities that I had not even thought of. In sum, I found the Shuffs to be friendly people, thorough, confidence-inspiring, and easy to talk to. I am certainly happy to recommend them.”

Jeff H. from Yelp expands upon this, comparing the Shuffs’ work to lawyers he’d worked with in the past:

If you want results?  This is the firm and people that will get your Family/Divorce situation/case solved effectively, efficiently, and the best.  I used 2 other lawyers prior to coming to Tamara and her father and they completed what I needed to be done in a short period of time and without the BS associated with family courts.  Could I have been lucky with my situation? Maybe – BUT what I have learned in business is over communication, being straight forward (hearing the GOOD and the BAD), and relentless (like TAMARA was and is) is the best medicine to quell the sickness of this not so fun process of divorce.  I would AND have recommended this firm to EVERYONE on the planet.  Seriously the best people in the business and I would be more than happy to give you a personalized reference about how ecstatic I am that I was referred and used Shuff Law Firm to CLOSE my case swiftly.  Thank you Tamara for everything you did for me and my family – words cannot express to you how impressed and overly satisfied i am with all you did.  I know you will do the EXACT same for all of your clients in the future! JEFF

If your marriage is coming to a close and you can tell a legal battle is brewing, don’t settle for second rate attorneys looking to waste your time and money and never taking a stake in your case. Look up the Shuffs, and make sure your life doesn’t end with your marriage.

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