The Swarm

The Swarm

Pest populations are exploding throughout the west, as infrastructure crumbles and the defenses we had against the creatures begin eroding away. The form of the pest can take many forms: rats, beetles, termites, but one thing they all have in common is the destruction and loss they leave in their wake.

In one stunning example, Los Angeles as of 2019 has become the second most rat-infested city in the United States, recently surpassing the famously rat-filled New York City. Homeless encampments and their accompanying mounds of uncollected trash have contributed to the exponential growth in the population, with rats crawling over sleeping people to get at their stray crumbs.

This epidemic of rodents has caused epidemics of other kinds to emerge as the problem worsens by the day. Typhus, a potentially deadly disease spread by the droppings of the rats and fleas that populate the trash piles, has reached epidemic levels in the past few years, jumping from 47 cases per year in 2016 to over a 100 in 2018.

Other pests, which have been hidden from public view for years, are beginning to let their presence be known from their second-order effects. Bark beetles, many of them invasive species from other parts of the globe, have destroyed millions of acres of forests across the west, many of them in California.

As the trees die, the bark beetles leave behind a now-rotting husk that will eventually act as the perfect kindling as a wildfire breaks out. Millions of trees, drying and baking in the hot California sun, are the perfect fuel for creating the fires that now choke the air of California’s largest cities, casting them in an unnatural reddish-orange light that seems to signal that something is terribly wrong in the world.

The air quality in coastal cities is now some of the worst in the world, thanks in part to the terrible destruction wrought by pests. Combine this with the potential for massive outbreaks of pest-borne diseases such as Typhus, and we have a recipe for disaster.

Termites, on the other hand, represent a much more personal disaster for the typical homeowner, as their destruction is wrought not on street-bound people or on far-away forests, but on their home, the house that they have staked their life on and filled with their memories of families and friends. The termite represents a very real and immediate danger to their material well-being.

That is why it is imperative that we remain eternally vigilant for signs of infestation and bring in the right help when those signs turn troubling. The right extermination company can mean the difference between your property thriving or being eaten from the inside out.

For those of us looking for pest control and prevention in places like Garden Grove, Artesia, and southern Los Angeles, we recommend one company above all others for their thoroughness and dependability: Natural Science Exterminating. The company uses a combination of age-old natural techniques and modern science to destroy current infestations and prevent future ones from taking hold on your property.

The west has a long battle ahead of it to get the pest population under control again. As individual property owners, we don’t have the luxury of waiting for that battle to be over. Call Natural Science Exterminating now:

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