Keeping Pets In Our Lives And Hearts By Treating Theirs

Keeping Pets In Our Lives And Hearts By Treating Theirs

Years after the death of my old dog due to age-related disease, I was finally mentally prepared to get a new furry companion to help me get through the lonely drudgery of life. Months of searching led me to a local woman whose German Shepherd Dog had just unexpectedly had a litter of puppies and was looking for a loving home for them.

Once I brought him home with me, I instantly fell in love. He was devoted, intelligent, and very concerned with everything around him. After a couple weeks with him, he was already well on his way to being potty trained and his personality was beginning to shine through.

Then I took him for his initial vet visit. After some initial checkups, the veterinarian revealed that he had an irregular heartbeat, which in the breed was an early sign of cardiomyopathy. I was crushed, as the prognosis meant that his lifespan would be shortened by as much as half, or more.

The veterinarian said that there was a number of things I could do to improve his quality of life and ensure his lifespan was lengthened as much as possible: diet, medicine, and regular light exercise. Tears in my eyes, I carried him out of the office, determined to make my short time with him as joy-filled as possible.

Poor heart health is one of the secret killers of the pets we hold so dear, and regular vet visits can give us those precious extra years with our furry friends that would otherwise be lost. Regular scheduled visits to veterinary cardiology consultants can give us the road map to extending the time we have with them and provide them with the happiest possible lives.

For those readers in southern California with a pet, Cardiac Vet Carley Saelinger is the best of the best and we are lucky to have her here. Years of experience in her own practice and with the VCA ASEC have given her the experience and expertise needed to keep our pets happy and healthy, and her patient’s owners can attest to her delicate personal touch:

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If you are in southern California and suspect your pet may be suffering from a cardiac issue or is in need of treatment for one, give Dr. Carley a call. You may catch a problem before it has time to get worse:

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