Chula Vista Plumbers Do “Clean & Green” Hydro Jetting

Chula Vista Plumbers Do “Clean & Green” Hydro Jetting

Cleaning videos are oddly satisfying. The videos that go viral tend to be ones that showcase drastic transformations, starting off with a gunky or cluttered area that becomes sparkly and spotless!

Out of all the endless options of things to watch on the internet, what makes so many viewers tune into a video of a chore?

Cleaning is a burden that people dread rather than look forward to—which explains why a video allows people to vicariously experience the joy of getting the job done without having to put in the elbow grease themselves. That is until the viewer actually gets motivated by the video. People who struggle for a wide range of reasons with personal hygiene and housekeeping may even describe these videos as therapeutic and calming. Seeing someone on the internet complete a task that you usually stress about can normalize the task, making it less daunting. If they can do it, so can you!

Cleaning videos are also a form of monetizable influencing, through product recommendations that can help save time, money, or the environment. Green cleaning products are appealing to those who opt for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Consumers are taking a growing interest in non-toxic and environmentally safe products in everything from cosmetics to clothes to furniture. This is especially true for cleaning products — after all, there’s irony in using products that clean your home but also pollute it and the environment with harmful ingredients.

It’s important to choose solutions that offer the right amount of cleaning power without adverse chemical side effects, such as allergies, injuries, or irritation.

Luckily for households, brands have taken note of this preference and there are now plenty of naturally safe cleaning solutions. 

One of the most common yet misused household cleaning products is drain cleaner. Almost everyone has encountered a clogged drain at some point, whether in their kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere. Drain cleaners are designed to chemically dissolve clogs made up of things like hair, oil, and dirt. People tend to reach for drain cleaner as an easy fix to a clogged drain, without realizing the danger of its corrosiveness.

A highly effective and environmentally safe alternative to chemicals is hydro jetting. Hydrojetting is a chemical-free, non-invasive drain unclogging method. Blockages are removed with water and water pressure.

Hydrojetting does not rely on corrosive chemicals to dissolve anything, which avoids causing environmental damage through pollution.

That said, hydro jetting is not as seemingly simple as dousing your drain with liquid. Hydrojetting requires specialized equipment and should only be performed by a professional plumber, one of the best of which may be found here.

Moreover, clogs that would require the power of hydro jetting would most likely not be cleared by drain cleaning liquid anyway. Hydrojetting can even clear away tree branches. That said, some homes may be too old to receive the power of hydro jetting. Drain snaking is a solution that would be used instead.  

If you are interested in hydro jetting your clogs away, give California Plumbing a call today!

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